Mechanical Heated Ultrasonic Cleaners

Fisher Scientific™ MH Series Mechanical Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath 

For solid construction and excellent functionality, outfit your lab with a Fisher Scientific MH Series Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner.


  • Sweep frequency feature eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout tank
  • Controls located above and behind cleaning tank in easily accessible control tower panel
  • Ultrasonic power tracking to track operating frequency of cleaner; always delivering the same power
  • Features 40kHz rugged industrial transducers
  • Chemical-resistant body made of plastic
  • Convenient built-in pour drains present on 0.5 gal. (1.9L) and 0.75 gal. (2.8L) models
  • Tank drains with valves incorporated on 1.5 gal (5.7L) and larger models
  • Includes 60-minute mechanical timer and continuous operation with heating capability
  • Tank cover included

Order Info

Fisher offers a line of accessories including perforated trays, solid trays, beaker covers and support racks for your application needs.



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