Cytology Funnels

Fisherbrand™ Single Cytology Funnels 

For the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ CytoSpin™ Centrifuge


Shandon CytoSpin Centrifuge
White Filter Card
Up to 0.4mL

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    Description Microprocessor-controlled heating from ambient to 65°C High contrast background illuminated by a bright LED array provides optimal specimen viewing Removable glass di...

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    Fisher Healthcare™Tissue-Plus O.C.T. Compound Embedding medium for frozen tissue specimens to ensure optimal cutting temperature (O.C.T.). Description Embedding medium for fr...

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    Fisher Scientific™Tissue Path™ Disposable Base Molds Inexpensive enough to be discarded, yet strong enough to be reused Description Available in common base mold sizes; can be...

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    Fisherbrand™Histosette II™ Tissue and Biopsy Cassettes Open and close as often as necessary — cassettes will always relock securely Description Disposable, plastic cassettes ho...

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    Fisher HealthCare™PROTOCOL™ Histological/Cytological Stains Manufactured with strict quality control to ensure lot-to-lot uniformity Specifications Type Bluing Reagent Color...
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