Cleanroom Pens


  • Manufactured with very low sodium inks to prevent contamination
  • Barrel and cap made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Pens are packaged 10 per pack
  • Available in Black (18-001-507), Blue (18-001-508), or Red (18-001-511)


Cleanroom pen

  • F261070_p.eps-650.jpg
    Description For documentation in critical environments Low particulate and ESD generation Printed on #22 paper with college rule lines. Semi-transparent high density polyethylene ...

  • F110273_p.eps-650.jpg
    Fisherbrand™Class 100 Clean Room Polyurethane Chair Keep your workspace cleaner with a soil-resistant Fisherbrand Class 100 Clean Room Polyurethane Chair.

  • F53572_p.eps-650.jpg
    Description Clear 2mil thick polyethylene sheets coated with environmentally friendly waterborne acrylic adhesive Pull-tab system makes it easy to peel off top sheet when it becom...
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