Fisherbrand™ Chemi-Scraper™ Spatulas

Fisherbrand™ Chemi-Scraper™ Spatulas are treated for corrosion resistance and are designed for a non-sticking surface.


Our spatulas are designed to exceed performance expectations -This is the Fisherbrand Advantage.


  • Type 410 stainless-steel with bright satin finish
  • Stem dia.: 0.16 in. (4mm)
  • One rounded and one square end, each approx. 2L x 0.31 in.W (51 x 7.9mm)




Spatula, Chemi-Scraper™
7 in.
Type 410 Stainless Steel
Bright satin
Double ended with 2 L x 0.31 in. W rounded on one end and squared on other end

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