Diaphragm Pumps


  • Chemically resistant, ideal for applications involving aggressive solvents and acidic vapors
  • Replacement for rotary vane pumps and water aspirators, especially in rough vacuum applications where corrosive vapors are encountered
  • Pump heads are made from PTFE with carbon fibre reinforcing to handle corrosive and aggressive vapors without damage
  • Pumping chambers are hermetically separated from drive space, ensuring extended life of mechanical parts
  • Pumps use PFTE diaphragms sandwiched to strong non-wetted backing and PEEK valves, which are chemical resistance and extremely hard wearing when compared to elastomer valves
  • Gas ballast valve helps to preserve pump performance when working with condensable vaporset
    • Hose nozzles for 8mm I. D. tubing
    • Vibration damping feet


Air: 16L/min.
8 mbar
19.5 x 23.5 x 14.5cm (7.6 x 9.25 x 5.7 in.)
230V, 50/60Hz motor with Schuko and UK power leads
Rotary evaporator, Vacuum oven, Vacuum filtration, Aspiration, Degassing, Desiccator
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
< 8mbar

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