Peristaltic Pump



  • Bi-directional flow with precise measured deliveries
  • Excellent flow control and flexibility for transferring and dosing liquids
  • Ultralow-, low-, medium-, and medium high-flow models feature flowrates from 0.005 to 600mL/min. and accept up to five different tubing sizes
  • Revolution of one roller delivers a precisely measured volume specific to tubing size and motor speed control
  • Variable-speed motor control and PURGE/PRIME switch for high-speed emptying and filling
  • Reverse mode permits ease in draining tubing
  • Three rollers reduce flow pulsation, prevent siphoning, and eliminate the need for check valves
  • Packaged in chemical-resistant ABS plastic case
  • Autoclavable tubing may be used with fluid temperatures from -62° to +260°C (-80° to +500°F) and is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other critical solutions
  • Dimensions: 6.62L × 4.75W × 4.5 in.H (16.8 × 12 × 11.5cm).




10.9 to 600mL/min.
Medium-High flow
230V 60Hz
-62 to 260°C
Silicone tubing (0.03, 0.06, 0.09, 0.18 and 0.25 in. I.D.), Polypropylene fittings/nipples, 230V power supply and accessory battery connector

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