Digital Stereo Microscopes

Fisher Scientific™ Digital Stereo Microscope

High resolution 3.0MP digital camera, built into microscope


  • Binocular
  • For viewing large images at 10X magnification and then zooming continuously to close-up detail at 40X magnification
  • Upright, unreversed three-dimensional image remains in focus throughout zoom range
Optical System
  • Paired widefield 10X/23mm eyepieces are 45° inclined, with dual diopter adjustments, interpupillary adjustment from 55 to 75mm
  • Achromatic, color corrected lenses
  • Continuous magnification from 10X through 40X
  • Objective Classification: Achromatic, color corrected
  • Top light is 12V 15w halogen, bi-pin with directional beam and rheostat control
  • Bottom light is 12V 10w halogen, bi-pin
  • Base mounted light controls permit choice of top only, bottom only, or dual illumination
  • 12VDC power converted operates on 100 to 240V 50/60hz current, without need of additional transformer
  • 2.5 amp time delay fuse
  • Large dual focusing knobs with slip clutch to prevent damage to mechanism
  • Tension adjustment eliminates focus “drift”
  • Large 16.5cm wide x 22cm deep stage surface
  • Two 8cm stage plates (frosted glass and reversible black/white plastic contrast plates)
  • Blue filter for transmitted light
  • Locked on stage clips
  • Professional, all-metal frame, gray enamel finish
  • Heavy-duty post mount with locking support collar, permits up or down adjustment of viewing head to accommodate different sized objects on stage
  • Molded styrofoam container with rubber eyeshields and vinyl dustcover


Warranty and Services

Microscope: 5 year limited warranty, excluding bulbs, cords, and fuses
Camera: 1 year limited warranty


Digital stereo microscope
Dustcover, rubber eyeshields, glass stage plate, black and white contrast stage plate, Motic Images software
Paired widefield 45° inclined 10X
330mm - extends to 433mm
1X-4X Zoom

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