Horizontal Electrophoresis

FisherBiotech™ Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems 


9.63 x 7.0 x 3.13 in. (24.5 x 18 x 8cm)
Buffer chamber, safety lid with attached power supply Leads, UV transparent gel tray, nonskid Rubber feet, two 1.5mm thick combs (12 and 20-well)
Up to 32 to 48
13 x 16cm
Midigel system

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    FisherBiotech™Electrophoresis Power Supplies Easy-to-use power supplies designed for safety Description Key Features Choice of operating modes—constant voltage or constant curre...

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    Fisherbrand™Horizontal Mini Gel Electrophoresis System Designed for quick separation of DNA or nucleic acids in agarose mini-gels, the Fisher Scientific Mini Horizontal Gel System...
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