Tygon Tubing

Fisherbrand™ Tygon S3™ E-3603 Flexible Tubings

Formulated for resistance to flex-fatigue and abrasion.


  • Bio-based formulation and contain no BPA or phthalates
  • Provide high chemical resistance
  • Non-oxidizing and non-contaminating
  • Smooth, polished inner wall helps prevent buildup to facilitate cleaning
  • Coils are marked at 30.4cm (1 ft.) intervals for easy measuring
  • Slips easily over fittings and grips securely for simple lab set-ups
  • Extra-heavy walls withstand full vacuum at room temperature (759mm [29.9 in.] of mercury at 23°C [73°F] and up to 686mm [27 in.] of mercury at 60°C [140°F])
  • Sterilized by conventional autoclave methods (steam 30 min. at 15psi, 121°C) and Ethylene Oxide



  • Instrumentation connection, vent, drain and other general laboratory applications
  • Food and beverage
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Analytical instruments
  • Peristaltic and vacuum pumps
  • Condensers
  • Incubators
  • Desiccators
  • Gas lines
  • Drain lines


FDA, NSF, 3-A, meets USP Class VI, Japan Food Sanitation Law no. 370/1959, REACH, 1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EU.



50 ft.

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