Bulb-Type Pipette Fillers



  • Glass valves improve worker safety by eliminating mouth pipetting and handling of hazardous materials
  • Long-lasting silicone is highly resistant to organic solvents
  • Fit any pipet with O.D. ranging from 0.19 to 0.38 in. (4.5 to 9mm)


To Use:

  • Fill and dispense pipets with one hand
  • Expel air by squeezing valve “1” above bulb
  • Draw up liquid by pressing valve “2” on stem
  • To release, press valve “3” on side of stem




Pipet Filler

  • F214462_p.eps-650.jpg
    Description Fully autoclavable — entire pipetter can be steam autoclaved Soft-touch tip ejection — a gearing mechanism reducing tip ejection force up to 50% Ergonomic comfortable...

  • edu1804-fisherbrand-elite-multichannel-8-channel-pipette-10-100l.jpeg
    Description 8- and 12-channel pipetters with volume range of 1 up to 300µL Fully autoclavable - entire pipetter can be steam autoclaved Extremely low plunger forces - work longer...

  • F201129-p.eps-650.jpg
    Description In conjunction with Fisherbrand dispenser tips, the instrument offers 59 different volume settings with accuracy and precision. Comfortable slim design; lightweight; ...

  • F264886-p.eps-650.jpg
    Description Wetted parts are PTFE, FEP and borosilicate glass (allows instrument to be used with a wide variety of chemicals) 7 volume ranges to choose from Bubble-free dispensin...

  • F213842_p.eps-650.jpg
    Fisherbrand™Pipet Controller Filler Durable and reliable large-capacity controller limits overaspiration Description Works with both glass and plastic pipets from 0.1 to 100m...

  • F263460-p.eps-650.jpg
    Description Sterile, color-coded Thermo Scientific™ Labserv pipets feature graduated divisions. Pyrogen-free. Made from polystyrene Individually wrapped with paper and plas...

  • 11506973_A.JPG-650.jpg
    Description Straight-cut tips and smooth, fire-polished tops to facilitate bulb attachment Positive constriction approximately 1 in. from the top to prevent cotton plugs from slip...

  • F8151-01-p.eps-650.jpg
    Description Borosilicate glass Volume accuracy marked on each pipet Permanent amber markings Tuf-Temp™–treated tempered tips reduce chipping Order Info All pipets are available...
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