Biohazard Wipes

Fisherbrand™ BloodBloc™ Biohazard Wipes, Liners and Rolls 

Prevent leakage of fluids and chemicals to hands, gloves and work surfaces


Wipes and Liners are non-sterile and not intended for use on patients.
  • Soft, white absorbent wipe with bright-orange polyethylene backing is impermeable to blood, body fluids and strong solvents including xylene, xylene substitutes, acetones, ketones, alcohols and formalin
  • Nonwoven cellulose captures and retains fluid; nonlinting for use with delicate instrumentation such as blood counters
  • Orange flexible impermeable plastic backing prevents soak-through of pathogens and chemicals to gloves which help minimize cross-contamination when lab personal open doors or touch surfaces
  • Can also be used as mats and liners; rolls can be cut to desired length
  • One time use only


Prevent soak through of blood, body fluids, tissue and chemicals to gloves and surfaces when handling tubes, specimens, plates.
Blood tubes, microbiology plates, pipettes, probes, specimen containers, instruments
White Nonwoven Cellulose, Orange Plastic



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