Natural Gas Burner


  • Provides better Meker Cone definition for easier fine tuning
  • Distributes flame through 100 separate openings for uniform heating; flame arrester prevents flashback
  • Provides twice the heat output (2930w/10,000 BTU/hr.) of straight-tube burners
  • Features Venturi tube for thorough mixing of gas and air, and adjustable gas orifices and air shutter for complete combustion
  • Burns natural gas at 10 cu. ft./hr.
  • Rustproof chrome-plated brass body with no-tip, zinc-aluminum alloy base


1.18 in.
Venturi tube for thorough mixing of air and gas, and adjustable air shutter and gas orifices for complete combustion
7.4 in.
3 cm
150 to 600
19 cm
Burner, Standard Grid Top, Adjustable Flame

  • F125012_p.eps-650.jpg
    Description Complete sterilization in seconds without spatter Specifications Amperage 2A Depth (Metric) Outside 15cm Diameter (English) Chamber 0.55 in. Diameter (Metric)...
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