Molecular Biology

SERVA - Serving Scientists

60 years of experience in the supply of quality reagents at SERVA provides expertise in manufacture, development and distribution of products worldwide. This know-how is the platform for outstanding customer service - all you need to succeed. Our mission is to bring innovative products to the life sciences market, meeting our customers needs. Technical competence and total quality management are the basis for continuous improvement. 

We pursue the highest standards in product quality, workplace safety and responsibility for the environment we live in. We dedicate our capacity and integrity to guarantee consistent product performance and continuity of supply. We are certified for ISO 9001:2008.

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    SERVA DNA Stain G is a safer alternative to traditional ethidium bromide stain for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels. It is at least as sensitive as ethidium bromide and can b...

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    SERVA offers a broad range of biochemicals. All SERVA products are subject to stringent quality control to meet the specifications as stated in the Certificate of Analysis provi...

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    KAPA T4 DNA Ligase KAPA T4 DNA Ligase catalyzes the formation of a phosphodiester bond between 5’ phosphate and 3’ hydroxyl termini in duplex DNA or RNA. This enzyme will join blun...
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